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Differences include languages or dialects spoken, age at acquisition, intensity of use, and language attitudes; 2.

This two-step design is expected to shed new light on two important questions: the nature of the bilingual advantage in old age and how learning a new language after the age of 65 enhances cognitive flexibility and wellbeing levels in healthy and non-healthy elderly. Language learning never gets old: Foreign language learning as a tool to promote healthy aging.

Job ads and court action show age discrimination in the workplace never gets old

Summary The world is aging. List of research projects.

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Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Details Project number There is plenty of advice for self-directed active, healthy aging.

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More than ever Canadians are researching and investing their time and money in programs, equipment and devices to support a healthy lifestyle on their own. However, the majority of Canadians, including older adults, are not active enough to ensure good health. Too few are making healthy food choices, getting the right amount and kind of exercise, and committing to an active lifestyle to be physically and emotionally well.