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Now we have a dilemma.
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And it's only 54 calories. But - think about it - it's a whole head of green leaf lettuce. No oil, no dressing. As far as carbohydrate goes, it's nearly 38 grams of carbohydrate. For 5 grams of fiber, you have to eat all of it and most people are not going to have all their nutritional needs satisfied by that somewhat watery, light in nutrient-density vegetable! Fresh vegetables are expensive, IMO, but that is because they are perishable and must be shipped, with a short shelf life. Check out the vegetable section of the supermarket freezers and you'll find some very creative mixings of vegetables.

They won't be low in carb, and if they have sauces, they won't be low in calories! However, they are very tasty.

Don't avoid vegetable ... Save the children

The vegetarian section of the freezer will be even more creative. Remember that Indian food, Asian food, Mexican food - all of these cultures have vegetable-laden cuisines. Add greens to your soups. Mix together spinach and fruit for a green smoothie and I promise you won't taste it. Roast broccoli with garlic, pepper, and some salt. Or steam it and mix together a little vinegar, mustard, and some garlic and pour it over the broccoli. Sautee spinach with some onions, garlic, salt, and pepper, and squeeze some lemon juice on when it's finished.

Sautee kale with onions, garlic, and ginger. Add sesame or soy sauce if you like. Perfect dressing. You just have to season veggies the right way. Have you tried mixing fruits and veggies in a smoothie?

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Are there any fruits that you do like? You can mask the flavors of a green smoothie by adding extracts or peanut butter. Add some flavored yogurt something I never do as I don't eat dairy, but that is a personal choice. I make a ton of different ones and I truly don't know that I was even eating veggies. I combatted my veggie fear by going raw. Not something that I would suggest if eating fruits and veggies really make you sick. I still have fruit and veggies I don't care for so I don't use them, but I have found a lot that I became my new favorites.

Good luck all. I would be so sad if I did not like love fruits and vegetables. It is a big part of every meal for me. I will never get used to them.


I also don't like many things I had to eat as a child. I don't think you can force yourself to eat things you don't like. You won't stick with it in the long run. My son doesn't like pasta or cheese. They both make him gag. I don't think it is in his head. Like with exercise, you need to find food options that you like and you can stick with, or you will give up. Maybe try to prepare the ones you do like in a variety of ways-make apple sauce, baked apples, apple slices.

Eating Healthy When You Hate Fruits And Vegetables

Try stir frying, adding to sauces. If you are making mac and cheese, maybe add a little bit of broccoli. I am not a fan of just munching on a celery stick, either I will chop it up and add to tuna or chicken salad, or put cream cheese on it. I still don't like the celery as much as a piece of pie, though. People should really eat to live-and Amercians live to eat. Don't let your dislike for fruits and veggies be a reason to give up.

I truly understand and you are not the only one. Sometimes when I think of all the things I shouldnt eat it feels like I just wont have anything to eat at all. It is frustrating and my worse fear is Diabetes or heart disease because I feel that I would die quickly with my eating habits. Then I rationalize that I dont drink soda or alcohol and I have never smoked so I must be healthier than most people. I don't like most fruits or vegetables, either. Sometimes I think I'm the only one in the whole world that hates salad!

I do like avocados, which are technically a fruit.

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What I do is take a multi-vitamin every day. In my whole 39 years, I've probably only eaten a small amount of fruits and veggies. I don't eat what I don't like.

Unfortunately, that's why I have a weight problem. So I know where you're coming from. Well for fruits I drink a lot of juice because I dont drink water, tea, coffee or soda. I also like dried fruits a lot. Especially if they are in a cereal like basic 4 or blueberry morning. I am not sure if raisins and dried fruits are actually good or if I am fooling myself. Thanks for the idea. I may try a smoothie I love milk and milk shakes. So maybe I will enjoy them. Have you tried changing the flavor and texture by making the fruits and vegetables into smoothies?

I am not a fruit eater either but find I can 'drink' my fruit. I leave the skins on so I don't miss any of the nutrition. A good smoothie maker makes a big difference. I want to explain what some people mean when the say they hate vegetables or fruits.

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It is not being childish or whinny it is reality. I will only eat Banana's, potatoes, green peas and corn. I have never eaten a salad and if a piece of lettuce gets in my food even shredded I am immediately sick from the taste. I am a picky eater. It is not an excuse it is an actual eating disease that often goes undiagnosed.

I was forced to eat vegetables as a child and you dont get used to it, For 10 years I swallowed vegetables whole, threw up at every meal and was made fun of by my peers because I could not even eat an apple. I tried oranges but cannot deal with the texture. So unfortunately telling people to just eat them or try them or you will get used to it is not logical for all.

I wish I could eat fruits and vegetables. I also wish there was an alternative or some answer to help. And FYI cheese does notmask the taste of vegetables. Enhance maybe mask no. I never really thought about the firmness of the vegetables, but heard cooking them too much lowered the nutrients in them, except for tomatoes, which need to be cooked to release lycopene. I boil my vegetabels a lot, usually in a soupy, stir fry thingy..

I put meat and vegetables, and a cup of water, and boil it till meat is tender, and vegetables are mushy. I guess I make up for the lower nutrition, by eating a lot of vegetables. I hate vegetables at a restaurant. They steam them, so they are crispy. I prefer peas with the consistency of mashed potatoes. I am diabetic, so don't eat fruit, except tomatoes. My blood sugars go high if I do, and I get hungry.

I hate fruits and vegetables...

I stick to low carb. I do have one thing to say about the person who suggested trying low carb, because the OP hated veggies, and fruit. Low carb diets usually include MORE vegetables than anything except vegan diets. I can eat a westen omelette with cheese for breakfast,, 2 cups of green beans as a snack, and then have chicken, mushroom, tomatoes, and onions for lunch, and a supper of fish or beef, with 2 cups of romaine, and an oil, and vinegar dressing.

Low carb is HIGH vegetable.