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Gaslight Grotesque was reviewed on bookreview. His review says: " Even if the reader is new to the world of Sherlock Holmes, there is enough here to entertain and enthral. The School Library Journal 's, review of Gaslight Grotesque says: "Readers who like their mysteries with a twist of sci-fi, fantasy, or horror will enjoy Gaslight Grotesque: Nightmare Tales of Sherlock Holmes, a new collection of previously unpublished stories from Edge.

Leslie S. Two recent reviews have appeared for Gaslight Grotesque. Several familiar names appear as well including Moriarty, Lestrade, and the Baskervilles.

Should be of interest to more than just Holmes collectors. Jones said: "This is a collection of Sherlockian tales in which, to quote Leslie S. Klinger's Forward, " This is a collection of horror stories, not the usual Sherlockian investigations of human crime. Jones, amazon. In Ronald Hore 's, review of DRUIDS for CM Magazine he says: "Druids is well written, with a feel for the period in which the story is set, and the authors make good use of a historical Roman figure and the events surrounding him around which to build their tale Highly Recommended.

December 2, Award-winning authors turned editors Nancy Kilpatrick and David Morrell have assembled a diverse feast of stories exploring the particular - and peculiar - psychology of Canada. While the stories sometimes feel a little thematically and stylistically similar Pam Allan's Connotations review of Far Arena wraps up with: "Again, Lynda Williams has topped herself with characters, world building, action, and insight into political intrigue with cultures.

This is a keeper and it will be a joy to re-read this series when finished. I look forward to her future work with anticipation of awards coming her way. Its not available online, but you can see a scan of it by clicking HERE. November 16, Bedford has been posted on Get Published. In the interview Mike Plested discusses Bedford's journey to publication and the lessons he has learned along the way. November 13, You can listen to it HERE. November 10, In this case a mailing from Cargo Cult features K.

October 10, Twenty nominees were selected as candidates for the award. Reviewer, Sharon Athanasos, said: "I enjoyed this fast-paced, humourous novel, which hooked me from page one. CM Magazine's review of Far Arena wraps up with: "Far Arena is not your standard Space Opera, with large explosions on every page and ray guns blazing in all directions.

The well-written story is character-driven and investigates the social problems that can arise. There are larger than life characters, but they are humanized by having to deal with their own personal problems as well as the larger affairs of their empires. The process will be directed by Charles Netto. Also, Dr. And just to make Gaslight Grimoire even more appealing, each story is presented with a period feel illustration by artist Phil Cornell, but you can check those out for yourself in the book trailer [created by the editors to promote the book] posted below.

Tesseracts Twelve Reviewed In a small town in Alberta, an intact baby woolly mammoth is found buried in the snow.

Taking along his concubine and his brother, the mayor of the town says that it is not their fault; the land is somehow cursed. Solving the mystery, the warrior is shocked to find that his concubine and his brother are not exactly what they seem. They are mythological beings in human form. Superheroes in present-day Korea deal with maniacal villains, inter-Korean politics, corporate downsizing and overbearing mothers.

As the world faces environmental catastrophe, reality-TV adventurers battle giant squids in the very deep ocean. Another small town in Alberta conducts pagan rituals during the year as if it was totally normal though not everyone agrees.

Feature Films List

A pair of average women with the power of life and death travel the streets of present-day Montreal. Here is another strong bunch of stories from north of the border. They are very easy to read, and very weird. The award "showcases the best original short fiction published by small presses in the previous year An unusual feature of the selection process is that all voting is done with the identity of the author and publisher hidden so that the final choice is based solely on the quality of the story.

I had two manuscripts in my drawer that had begun as novels and ended as novellas. My heart sank, however, as I realized that both were longer than the word limit for the anthology.

Publisher Series by cover

After a failed attempt to shorten the shorter of the two manuscripts, I realized that I would need to become bold and attempt something The story was so well received that I was encouraged, nay forced, to write a sequel for Halloween. Then Christmas. With half the year covered I had no choice but to narrate the rest of the year.

In the end I had a series of short stories following a collection of odd-ball inhabitants of a small town south of Calgary. The idea of the series was to compare past vs. The result was a tale rife with witches, streakers, jack-O-turnips, disappearing goats, rotten Easter eggs, a larger-than-life villain and, of course, a love story. All I needed to do was string these stories together into a cohesive narrative.

My decision: I want to start the series and read all the books! Although new to Okal Rel, it was easy for me to see why the books are so popular and highly praised. Williams has the rare ability to develop her characters, show us the story, maintain tension, and do all three at the same time. The characters are deep and intricate. The story moves quickly; the pages keep turning. The universe is unique and developed in impressive detail. I found the conclusion of the book to be very satisfying, leaving me wanting to read the previous books.

The final chapter of the book is compelling. It told me more about the intriguing character Di Mon, and I could not help wondering how things all began. If you've read one or more of the previous books in this series, you'll love Far Arena. And if, like me, this is your first dip in, you've got five guaranteed good reads waiting for you. You can't go wrong with Far Arena. The plot is more your standard murder mystery with a time travel angle. Bedford is able to successfully balance both through out the life of the story.

He does not just introduce the sci-fi elements then abandon it later in the novel once the mystery elements heat up as a lot writers tend to do. The time travel aspect is an important part of story right up to the bitter end. Campbell and Charles Prepolec, is a very fun anthology of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, largely with a supernatural or fantastic bent, and overall well-written. You have created massively complicated and intricate societies.

I was entranced by the characters and blown away by the action.

Best New Fantasy Books in June 12222

What a delight your books were to read. Thank you for sharing your imagination with the rest of us! A gripping tale of the shock and misunderstandings arising when two very different cultures clash. Many people spend their spare time reading books, so why should the Armed Forces be any different? As a collection it gave me my Holmes fix, and I will definitely read it again.

And probably several more times after that.

Best New Fantasy Books in June 12222

For many of them, it's not obvious what the illustration means at the beginning of the story, but at the end, you go back and look and say, aha! If only I had interpreted this correctly, I would have seen it coming! Kelly Wagner, Calcutta Kolkata News. I have mostly commented on those stories that appealed to me. There was, however, one perfectly marvelous tale by Kim Newman called "The Red Planet League" that deserves special attention.

About the Contributor

It is told by " Jones, Calcutta Kolkata News. Absolute XPress is currently publishing material outside of the main Saga written by both her and others who share the same enthusiasm as she does. Check out her Legacy Series here. Check it out here.

There's a careful balance of perspectives that offer new insight as well as give a global picture to the rich, wide span of influences in the Gelack Empire. The secrets tug and twist around and between characters, with climactic results.

The Other Change of Hobbit science fiction & fantasy bookstore: Recent Books

Bridging the gap beautifully and concisely to Throne Price, I'd recommend this book to any fan of the series. Friesen , Amazon. This one has more politics than the first two, and is sadly given teh job of explaining everything from Throne Price too much for it to stand on it's own as well as the others. There is a quick fix for that though. Read them all.

You won't regret it. If readers enjoys fast-moving complicated plots, swordplay, relationships, and a setting involving different worlds and space opera, they should be well satisfied. In Spider Webb, Bedford creates a likable and interesting character, the kind of down-and-almost-out protagonist that cannot help but draw reader sympathy.

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Bedford also does a good job creating a believable near future where widely available time machines have created complex problems that are not quite kept in check by government agencies trying to avoid serious changes both intentional and inadvertent. An offhanded mention that time travel technology appears to have been invented in the future and sent back to this time explains the situation nicely, and also opens up numerous foreseeable sequels. The local Western Australia ambiance provides a unique perspective that is quite consistent with the gonzo aspects of the story.

Bedford has created a science-fiction novel that is sure to please most SF fans.