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Designed to mimic the feel of a full size drum set, this portable drum kit comes with seven drum pads and two pedals. Perfect for beginners, the melodica has a standard keyboard and is played by blowing through a mouthpiece. There are a ton of Youtube videos that show you how to play all types of different songs on Youtube.

List of Mad episodes - Wikipedia

For the price, this melodic has a great tone and sound. Enfain USB 3. A cassette? Does she want to play the clarinet? Made of ebonite, a hard rubber, the Jean Paul CL is the perfect entry level clarinet. Featuring the Boehm 17 key system, it is built just like a regular clarinet. The well designed bore and weight distribution means that it feels great in your hands and projects a great sound. It even comes with a ton of accessories including a carrying case.

If you are going for that rustic, boho look, this table lamp would look perfect on a night stand. It might look like a cool LED table lamp, but it also doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker. It has LED lights inside that simulate a burning flame, which creates a mesmerizing ambiance anywhere. You can even pair two up together. Small and cute, this tiny Bluetooth speaker, shaped like an adorable little animal, is perfect for any teenage girl. She can easily stash it in her book bag and bring it out anywhere she wants to start a party.

Simply pair it with a laptop, tablet, or phone to pump out your favorite tunes. Teenage Engineering Arcade Pocket Operator.

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Has she ever dreamed of making electronic music? The Arcade Pocket Operator is a stripped down mini synth that is portable. It contains many sounds that you would find in a retro arcade machine.

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While it has built in patterns, the real fun is to make your own. For amateur musicians, it is fun to dabble and mess around with. For The Gadget Lover. Everyone loves gadgets for Christmas.

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This instant camera from Fujifilm has been so trendy in the last year and a half. Like Polaroid cameras, they take instant photos. They are so cute in the summertime, or at concerts, or during parties. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film. You can never have too much film so it is the perfect gift idea if she already has a camera. There are several different varieties to choose from. Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Camera.

Moms will remember these! Disposable cameras are making a comeback! Forget the iPhone! Taking snaps on old disposable cameras is so much of fun. They are great for capturing friends in their most authentic moments. This little portable printer can connect to your phone over Bluetooth and just print pictures.

You can literally take a selfie, print it, and give it to a friend. She probably has a ton of photos on her phone and on Instagram. Now she can turn her phone into an instant camera with this small wireless photo printer from Canon that prints small 2 X3 inch stickable pictures. She can use the photos to decorate her room, locker, or stationary thanks to the adhesive backing on the photos.

She might soon have a printing addiction. Tamagotchi On. In the 90s, just about every child was taking care of their Tamagotchi. Now a new generation of kids is going to love looking after these virtual pets. You have to feel it and play with it. Trendiees Cable Bite.


Shaped like cute animals, cable bites have open mouths that chomp down on your charging cord. Not only do they look cute, they prevent your cables from breaking. For the extreme adventurer nothing beats a GoPro wearable camera. The GoPro brand instantly means cool. While there are lot of GoPro cameras out there, most teenage girls will be satisfied with the GoPro Hero 7. It shoots high definition video at 4K video at 60fps. She will want to take it on all her vacations whether she goes snorkeling or skydiving. Does she love sports and technology?

Writing Genre Flash Fiction the Minimalist Way: A Self-Study Guide

Then she would love an action camera. Not all of us can afford a Go Pro camera. This is a cheaper alternative that lets you record the most extreme sports from biking to camping.


You get a lot for your money. It comes with a ton of accessories including a mounting accessories and even an additional battery. The actual camera is capable of recording 4K video but it works much better at p. Echo Dot With Clock. This Bluetooth speaker does more than play your favorite music.

If only your boyfriend could do all that! Echo Show 8. With an 8 inch touchscreen and built in speaker, the Echo Show can do everything Echo can do and more. You can ask it questions, get a weather report, play music, news or podcasts, read out your calendar, and more. It can even play video from your Amazon collection or Amazon Prime video library. It also does video calls. Discover the difference of not only dictating to you, but also showing you information.

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Echo Flex Plug-in smart speaker with Alexa. Plug it into an outlet and the Amazon Flex is a fully functional Alexa. It also sports an additional USB port which can be used to charge your phone or add an optional night light. Amazon Smart Plug. This little gadget turns any electronic gadget into a smart appliance that you can control with any smart device. This allows you do to everything from scheduling to controlling your lights from anywhere.